Yesterday’s Heroes

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6 Responses

  1. Leon de Jager says:

    Thank you Johan. This is the kind of open and truthful discourse that we need. We cannot pretend to be re-born with a blank memory.

  2. Steyn says:

    Great post Johan, and it rang true to me on various levels – in particular dealing with the past and progressing into the future.

    As someone who was very young when SA became democratic, I’ve found myself sometimes becoming unreasonably impatient with the progression of our psyche as a nation into a truly diverse country united around the same cause (to make SA a great place for all of us). I’ve noticed that I sometimes cringe when I hear of yet another news report about someone blaming apartheid, thinking “surely at close to 20 years of democracy, we should stop blaming apartheid!”

    The fact is that I’ve been privileged enough to be caught in that strange limbo – being too young to really take in the effects of apartheid and growing up in a democratic state for most of my life. Subsequently I find it difficult to understand why people can’t move on!

    Some good thoughts in this article, great ammo for my journaling!

  3. Piet Bester says:

    Thanks Johan, good food for thought. We deal with this on a daily base.

  4. Marius Louw says:

    Great article! Well put in that the article truly allows you to take your head out of he sand and reason on a different level.
    Well done!

  5. Sebti jali says:

    Great post Johan as always. As a foreigner I could be SHOCKED BY these WORDS BUT THANKS TO MY ONE WEEK EXPERIENCE IN THIS BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY, I SHARE YOUR POINT OF VIEW. THIS COUNTRY IS GREAT AND COMPLEX. THAT IS WHY IT NEEDS GREAT LEADERS WITH HIGH COMPETENCE OF POWER AND LOVE, otherwise this great experience of 20 years democracy will end up in a nightmare.

  6. Julian Pick says:

    Definitely food for thought.