People Cannot be Empowered!

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  1. Willie says:

    Very interesting,

    I agree with the fact that most people are scared of making decisions because of the consequences it might hold. But how often do I know more than the other person? The consequences will have the exact same effect on both of us.

    If people come to me to make a decision, why do they think I will be the best one to judge if it’s the right decision or not? Or why do they feel that I should know ‘more’ than them? I might have more experience, yes, and I’m glad to share my experience with anyone, but don’t expect me to make the final decision every time.

    I think, people try to get someone else to make a decision so that it provides an escape route, so if something goes bad, blame can be divided or shifted.

    I also think it’s a natural thing. Human beings have a tendency to have someone / Something above them, which they can look up to, like kings, presidents etc etc. I think it’s born into us. And in al facets of live we are searching for that someone to look up to. Most of the time (if you are a man), you are the leader at home. At work, someones else is the leader and you ‘look up’ to him / her. At a social event, someone else is the perceived leader, and we look up to him / her.

    I don’t know, it’s just my opinion?