How Entrepreneurial is Your Training?

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4 Responses

  1. Fabio says:

    Well Done , Johan. One of the first time i see crafted ideas with more oxygen. Yes, I perfectly agree with the comment.

  2. Louw Burger says:

    Excellent!I once met the then Chairman of Imperial Group who told me that one of the things he tracks is the number of “Imperial Millionaires” – people in his company whose stock options are worth a million bucks or more. Interesting way of encouraging entrepreneurs in a corporate giant.

  3. This is a very timely entry on your blog. We are in full preparation of our February Entrepreneurship conference at EFMD and we are looking at impact of research, education, training and policy on the life and success of the entrepreneur. Your blog posting has a lot of truth in it, and I also know that from my personal experience. Being married to a visionary, we started our own business (a B&B). My strengths are complementary to his and link to the two other personae you mention.

  4. Theodore Babu says:

    Excellent article Johan!! This is the real issues that needs to be addressed in business schools with regards to entrepreneurship. Couldn’t have done it better. Your blog makes for quality reading.