Exploit Customers and Employees at Your Own Peril

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3 Responses

  1. Louw Burger says:

    Good article. Thanks.

    One issue. When you speak about “companies” you really mean the people in leadership in the company at the time. It underlines the critical importance of leadership in our companies. For all intents and purposes, the leaders of a company at any time are “the company”.

    The issues your article raised will not invite much contradiction. Why then, do leaders who are mostly intelligent and capable people, do such stupid things?

    Another article, perhaps?

  2. Julian Pick says:

    I totally agree with your comments. Linked to this I believe that companies should also give their employees the best tools, training, systems and support.

  3. Debbie says:

    Good article and I agree with Louw. Our management do set the tone and the policies, but they are often only accountable upwards and therefore their decisions are often one sided.

    In SA we seem to have a culture where interaction with management is reserved for management and a few others “brave” enough to tackle it.

    Very few individuals are putting their passion, knowledge and expertise into their jobs and even less are prepared to hold management accountable for poor decision making or even better yet, few are prepared to offer suggestions that could lead management to think differently.

    Management on the other hand have the age old human condition of “ego” and often they are so pressurised for either time or results that they “harden their attitudes”, stop listening and voila, we have misinformation and major misdirection.

    Add a couple of clients with no choice as to where to go, a workforce with limited authority and even less accountability, a world with materialism at the forefront of it’s agenda and welcome to 2011.

    Roll on the Capitec’s and other SA companies that are seeing the light and oh yes, remember your clients are getting more and more educated every day, so no backsliding once you feel you’ve “made it”.

    It’s time for 360 degree accountability in SA – a new era has dawned.