Beware of Cost Cutters

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5 Responses

  1. Thanks Johan. Well said! I saw it happening twice in a big financial services company with bad results for years!

  2. André Engelbrecht says:

    There are many reasons for companies not to follow tip number 9:
    1. By doing it you are actually telling the world, your colleagues and yourself what you are planning to do. For most this is setting yourselves up for failure and to be avoided at all costs.
    2. Imagine how humiliating it would be to pay that obnoxious marketer, you do not like, more than the MD just for reaching and exceeding her budgets and targets – too ghastly to contemplate.
    3. This would seriously cramp the style of the adventurous amongst us. What about that impromptu opportunity that must be taken at all costs? No, to evaluate it properly against the current options are way to boring.

    • johanhburger says:

      Brilliant! This touch of sarcasm has made my day on this 30th day of the last month! But unfortunately there is so much truth in what you have said that it actually should not be funny!

  3. Gerhard says:

    It is quite amazing the similarity in all industries! The stuff we all battle with. Hence, this is why leadership is such an interessting field as the leadership should find solutions for challenges and build the business, not destroying wealth. As Einstein said: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe.” Johan, your article is spot on. Thx. We need more.