Are you a strategic architect?

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3 Responses

  1. Gert Heunis says:

    Hi Johan,
    This is an article we need to digest properly – especially school governors. I am involved with FEDSAS, the national school governing body association, as a parent and what we see on a national level is heart breaking. Given that the average successful school with say 900 learners today has a budget of ±R8 to R10m which comes from school fees (and therefore paid by parents) and the state’s only contribution is for 50 to 70% of salaries (on top of the budget), governors need to focus on what they offer (specialise for excellence) and where they get the funds for that. This unfortunately drives the management at today’s schools. I believe the future focus by governors must be on innovative ways of utilizing technology to reach more students with the same number of teachers, and to get more funding from other sources. And parents and community must get involved to support. Quite a daunting task ahead! Gert Heunis

  1. August 15, 2011

    […] To do this in more detail we look at the third force, namely the Aims Perspective.  This force refers to the vision, mission, objectives, business model, and strategies of the company.  It is important that this force is aligned with both the ethos of the company and the external environment.  Should it not be, we would be developing strategies that will either not address the opportunities and threats of the external environment, which could be life threatening, or not be implemented as it is in conflict with the ethos.  Both scenarios are equally devastating!  I have already dealt with the concept of a business model in a previous article, i.e. “Are You a Strategic Architect?” which can be found at […]