14 Business Lessons From Golf

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  1. johanhburger says:

    A good friend of mine commented as follows: “I have always been a better manager than a golfer. I am now going to use my management skills to play better golf!” Now why didn’t I think of that!

    • christiaan says:

      Now that just motivated me – Ideas + action = change. Pro shop here I come, customers be ready. O ja and do not forget – “The more you practice the luckier you get” Gary Player

  2. Renske Snyman says:

    Troubleshooting, root cause analysis and finding the most appropriate solution for the immediate problem is another skill applicable to both business and golf.

  3. johanhburger says:

    My good friend Jimmi (The Viking) from Denmark had the following response on my posting on Posterous. It is too good not to post here as well!

    “As you probably know, golf is originaly a game invented by the vikings. The vikings was hitting skulls ved the flat side of their combat swords as a sort of game, when they were tired of drinking. Later ón the vikings came to Scotland and the Scotish saw the game. When the vikings left for home they adapted it with some minor changes. The Scotish are shepperds and therefore they used a minor stick and the whisky (originaly invented by the vikings) made their brains shrink so the ball was reduced proportional in size. Why the Scotish desided to posthum a hole is still onknown, but rumours saysangkhi that it reminded Them of their hometowns though it is more likely that it was the closest they could come to rape (invented by the vikings) and plunder (yet again a viking speciality). So leadership is the key to sustainable solutions that will live forever.”

    Thanks Jimmi for looking at the lighter side of life!

  1. January 23, 2011

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